Relational Resource-building Skills
and Well-Being in Holistic Centers

The goal of this course is to develop the skills and tools needed
to create a culture of philanthropy and help your center thrive.

Why do you resist asking for generous support, even when you know your center does important work?

How can you overcome resistance and instead – trust in abundance?

Clarify who you are, what you need, and reach out and ask for it!

Develop your capacity and resilience to speak to your center’s vision and mission

Nurture your self-compassion and bring a connected presence to the work

Philanthropy is “Love of Humanity” and the desire to promote the welfare of others.
Holistic Centers are dedicated to the transformation of consciousness and wellbeing of people and the planet.

In a world where “money is seeking meaning and meaning is seeking money” – generous donors are also seeking to donate resources to the good cause of transformational centers. This course will help magnetise the appeal.

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Three Objectives

This curriculum is created with three objectives for Holistic Center fundraising professionals
as well as individuals newer to fundraising:

To inspire and develop more ease whenever we ask for what we need

To cultivate core skills for greater resource development now and in the future

To incorporate your most pressing questions,
with time in every session dedicated to practical working needs


Session 1
Compassionate Fundraising

What’s the Idea and How Can it Be Joyful? Kickoff with ways to create relational vs. transactional communication, and reap the impact of sustaining increased resourceful relationships with greater compassion.

Session 2
Strengthen the Story

Yours and Your Organization’s. Practice creating more powerful fundraising stories by tapping into personal and organization strengths in new ways and convey more compelling stories in person and online.

Session 3
Vision Forward

Building Pragmatic and Resourceful Budgets, Teams and Proposals. Foster greater transparency with our tools and teams and cultivate the needed expertise for clearer and more present proposals and Board engagement.

Session 4
Be Nuclear and Inspired

Prospecting and Research in Alignment with Your Center. Learn new ways to develop more trusting donor relationships with tips to inspire better revelation of generous philanthropists and catalytic contributions.

Session 5
The Big Asks

Creating Impactful Membership, Major Gift, Capital and Legacy Programs. Learn important ways to inspire indelible solicitations, and better steward the steps to yes and beyond, and toward the next major campaign.

Session 6
Self-Compassion and Fundraising

Sustaining Personal Well-Being and Financial Growth. Release any resistance to new fundraising campaigns and with increased well-being in ongoing fundraising programs.

Times and Prices

Times are set to suit people in different centers around the world
9am – 11am PST | 12pm – 2pm EST | 5pm – 7pm UK

The course will commence Thursday January 9 2020
It will continue over six consecutive Thursdays:
16, 23 and 30 January, 6 and 13 February.


HCN annual members $395
Non members $495


Please contact us for group pricing.

The course consists of six two hour classes over consecutive weeks.
Each call will be recorded so you can access it afterward.

The commitment is to attend each live session of the course as much as possible.
Your current questions and needs are important components
of the course, both to learn from as well as help others!

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Co-workers in holistic centers are welcome to join.
You can also invite your team or colleagues in your organisation.

What Participants Say

The sessions have been really inspiring and I feel a greater understanding now I have had some time to integrate it all. The course has helped me to find an understanding that has been growing in my heart but has not really been able to move into the “business” side of things. It confirms that the heart, truth and transparency must be in everything for a joyous and flowering life. It has been really helpful not only for the fundraising part but with the financial and organizational part of our work as well.
January 2020 participant.

Brett Cobb led a diverse group of professionals through a deep and on-target inquiry process into how they approach and seek out funding. This was no band-aid, superficial gloss on a critical and complex topic. The process is successive, each exercise building on the last, gradually unfolding insight and positive, actionable skills for the participant and their unique circumstances.
May 2019 Participant

The training was wonderful. The entire board expressed that they found it deeply valuable and they are all extremely different. It’s wonderful that it spoke to each one. We’ve clarified where we want to grow and exactly how much money we need and what we need it for. So, success!
November 2019 Participant

Brett exudes kindness, loving presence, patience, and compassionate care for humanity. As a seeker and a searcher for truth, he is able to invite other seekers to also find truth.”
October 2018 Participant


Brett Cobb

In 2016, Brett moved to Saint Petersburg, FL to form Compassionate Tampa Bay consulting, where based on his more than twenty years of nonprofit experience with major organizations in New York and Florida, he consults with Boards of Directors and nonprofit leaders, including Holistic Centers Network.

His fundraising work includes senior leadership roles at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies for nearly 8 years, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the New York Philharmonic, New York City Opera, and the Empire State Pride Agenda.

Since 2015, Brett is also a Senior Teacher of Compassion Cultivation Training under the auspices of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at the Stanford University School of Medicine and The Compassion Institute. In addition, he creates custom curricula and workshops to meet the needs of regional healthcare organizations and other nonprofits toward greater Compassion, Self-Compassion and Well-Being. He is a former board member of the Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and The Yoga Service Council.

Five signs this course might be right for you

You want to establish an effective and long-term fundraising culture

You’re keen to overcome resistance and cultivate presence and confidence in the ask

You recognise the need to create a more stable financial foundation within your center

You want to strengthen your story and build a resourceful and pragmatic team

You know increased fundraising skills will help your center fulfill it’s mission in the world

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