International Holistic Centers Gathering
April 30 – May 5, 2023
Presented by Breitenbush Hot Springs and the Holistic Centers Network

Centers dedicated to the emergence of holistic and ecological consciousness have been meeting annually since 1985. This is a precious opportunity for those helping to guide these centers to come together in an open-hearted and relaxed spirit to share our stories, reflect on the many crises of our time, and look toward the future. What role do these centers, which are entirely autonomous yet spread across the globe, have in fostering a healthy, sustainable and multicultural future?

This year we intend to embrace the international dimension of the Gathering including centers unable to attend in person but able to join us via zoom. We are inviting centers from Latin America, Europe, Asia and elsewhere as we all aim to maximize our contribution to consciousness in these difficult times.

As holistic centers, we have significant opportunities to shape and model wise responses as humanity faces the polycrisis of climate change, economic inequality, food and water insecurity, the loss of democracy, and global conflict. This year’s Gathering will focus on how our centers can serve as beacons of social, spiritual and ecological sanity in a world that is losing its center.

We invite you to join us in attuning to the profound needs of the present moment and trying to gaze 200 years into the future. What is our special role in helping to shepherd humanity towards its full potential during this period of immense transformation? By cultivating our vision, developing fresh teachers and skills, and evolving new ways of being and doing business, can holistic centers play a vital role in helping to build systems, ideas and practices upon which the future will rely?

Join us April 30 – May 5 at Breitenbush Hot Springs to be part of these soulful, warm-hearted, and essential conversations and meditations. Select presentations will also be streamed for virtual attendees. This event is open to anyone who is deeply passionate about the work of these centers and conscious communities, including center directors, managers, guests, and presenters.

Our gathering will include:

  • Daily Well-Being programs to help attendees renew and center themselves
  • Two in-depth sessions of presentation and discussion per day
  • Three organic, vegetarian meals daily
  • Evening programming to relax and connect with other attendees
  • Ample time to enjoy Breitenbush’s natural hot springs, sauna, and nature on high


We look forward to joining with you for this year’s gathering, whether in person or online.

Peter Moore, Leslie Hoffman, Werner Brandt & Ralph White
HCN Board of Directors


Rural retreat, urban learning, sustainability or wellness centers, we’re all working toward the goal of awakening each other through transformational education and fostering a culture of greater holistic, ecological and spiritual awareness and practice.

View the 2021 Virtual Gathering

This year our theme was Emerging Resilience. The conversations with Center Leaders around the world are inspiring and relevant. Access 20+ sessions sharing wisdom and experience, insights and innovations, in an open and creative way. Bond through shared values and intentions. Experience heartfelt nourishment with peers during each annual Gathering as together we build collective resilience.

Access the 2021 content here!

What Previous Participants Say

As participants we share respect, openness and compassion with each other, and these values create a safe space for collaboration. It’s a great blend of inspiration and practical learning. The Gathering is important to connect as peers and develop friendships, to strengthen the holistic vision though our communities, and to have a stronger impact globally.

Isabelle Duchesneau
Executive Director, Le Monastère des Augustines

The Gathering has been life-enriching and purpose-enhancing for me. The knowledge exchanged is invaluable. I feel inspired and empowered. It also comforts me to know that we share so much in common, even the challenges and issues both in our communities and in our societies of different cultures and political systems. I feel connected and supported both personally and professionally.

Sean Feng
Education Director, Bene Wellness Institute, China

It’s amazing to know there’s a whole world of holistic centers and realize that Esalen Institute is not alone in this plight. The kinship, connection and support that flowed through the gathering and afterwards have been very inspirational and nourishing for my personal and professional development. Having friends and colleagues who really understand the successes and challenges of non-profit holistic world is priceless.

Tatyana Sanikovich
HR Director, Esalen Institute

The Unique Value of Each Gathering

Most Centers are devoted to the creation of transformational experiences
for participants and there are inherent joys and challenges every day.

Coming together addresses the needs of those who run these organizations
for their own nourishment and community of peers.

Gatherings have been hosted around the world for more than 30 years;
from this strong foundation regional and virtual gatherings are now in co-creation.

Each gathering nurtures a sense of participation in the larger,
global movement of positive change guided by holistic values.

Featured Pioneering Centers Include: