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Our mission is to provide creative networking opportunities that strengthen communication, connection and collaboration among holistic centers worldwide.

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Join the Holistic Centers Network and access the range of services designed to support the potential of your center. Offered in the spirit of collaboration and for just over $20 a month it’s a wise investment. Through our unity in diversity we strengthen the holistic movement around the world.


HCN Webinars engage peers from holistic centers worldwide in a supportive learning community. Themes are relevant and diverse, ranging from programming and marketing, to self-care and sustainability. Each webinar is hosted by a different center, openly sharing expertise, best practices, challenges and insights with each other.Read more


Each year, HCN co-creates the Centers Gathering, a unique opportunity to meet your peers in the spirit of friendship, recognition and unity. Share your experience, enjoy reciprocal learning, have fun and feel nourished by the network. Return more inspired and aware of how you can successfully achieve your center's mission.Read more


HCN Membership provides opportunities to connect, learn and support each other, strengthening the global network of transformational centers and making a positive difference in the world. Our Membership model is designed to foster collaboration and demonstrate a sustainable business model to help centers thrive.Read more


HCN Online Courses are designed to catapult transformational communities to the forefront of evolutionary leadership. Providing the opportunity to deepen into themes offered through monthly webinars, courses will be offered in support of both established and emerging centers and be available from Spring 2019.Read more


HCN Consultancy offers a range of services tailored to support your center and help create a thriving community and organisational culture. Drawing on years of experience, we offer a unique understanding of the challenges and opportunities that arise in the day to day operations of a holistic center.Read more


HCN Research is made possible through the relational trust established between the leading centers worldwide since HCN began via the Centers Gathering over 30 years ago. By sharing data, trends, and analytics we are creating an invaluable source of information that helps us contribute to a more holistic world culture.Read more

Featured Posts

How Holistic Centers Extend Across the World

Peter Moore is a practical idealist and successful entrepreneur who works ardently over time to bring principle-based projects into reality. In 1978, Peter co-founded Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat & Conference Center, and is its current Business Director.

“Together we create the world we want to live in through linking up holistic centers the world over. I think of holistic centers as conscious communities whose mission it is to evolve and reify human potential, while having fun.” The story of Breitenbush is the successful story of a values-based organization.

Let your Light Shine

Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake lived at the Findhorn Foundation, Scotland for many years and their work reflects the practical applications of living a spiritual lifestyle in the everyday world. Kathy and Joy are the originators of The Transformation Game® and the world famous original Angel® Cards.

The Game has been translated into eleven languages, and there are accredited facilitators in more than 45 countries. Every month Kathy shares an inspirational message inspired by an Angel or ‘quality’. In February – Let your spiritual nature illuminate and brighten each day. 

The Planet Within

The Planet Within is a co-creative gathering focusing on group consciousness, May 29th – June 2nd, at the Comunità di Etica Vivente in the stunning countryside of Umbria, Italy. This gathering is a bold, co-creative, pioneering step towards realising the potential of the group life and it’s impact on the evolution of the Cosmos.

On our planet today, a new civilisation is seeking to be born, yet significant work still lies ahead. Groups have a powerful responsibility in this endeavour by building greater cooperation and partnership across all dimensions of life. Book your place by 15 February to secure the early bird.

Conscious Business and Holistic Centers

The desire to raise human consciousness is both utterly ancient and continually new…and appears to be sadly elusive on a global scale. Yet our world – and our very survival as a species – seems to beg for a massive shift in all realms of human operation.

How can we, as a holistic community and holders of sacred space, increase the rate of consciousness today? When it comes to the business closest to us – are we holding ourselves accountable to a higher level of consciousness even when we feel bound by the conventions of business in our daily dealings?

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