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Our mission is to strengthen connection, communication and collaboration among holistic centers worldwide, expanding our evolutionary potential to awaken individual and collective consciousness.

Join the Holistic Centers Network and access the range of services designed to support the potential of your center. Offered in the spirit of collaboration and for just over $20 a month it’s a wise investment. Through our unity in diversity we strengthen the holistic movement around the world.


HCN Webinars engage peers from holistic centers worldwide in a supportive learning community. Themes are relevant and diverse, ranging from programming and marketing, to self-care and sustainability. Each webinar is hosted by a different center, openly sharing expertise, best practices, challenges and insights with each other. Read more


Each year, HCN co-creates the Centers Gathering, a unique opportunity to meet your peers in the spirit of friendship, recognition and unity. Share your experience, enjoy reciprocal learning, have fun and feel nourished by the network. Return more inspired and aware of how you can successfully achieve your center's mission. Read more


HCN Membership provides opportunities to connect, learn and support each other, strengthening the global network of transformational centers and making a positive difference in the world. Our Membership model is designed to foster collaboration and demonstrate a sustainable business model to help centers thrive. Read more


HCN Online Courses are designed to catapult transformational communities to the forefront of evolutionary leadership. Providing the opportunity to deepen into themes offered through monthly webinars, courses will be offered in support of both established and emerging centers and be available from Spring 2019. Read more


HCN Consultancy offers a range of services tailored to support your center and help create a thriving community and organisational culture. Drawing on years of experience, we offer a unique understanding of the challenges and opportunities that arise in the day to day operations of a holistic center. Read more


HCN Research is made possible through the relational trust established between the leading centers worldwide since HCN began via the Centers Gathering over 30 years ago. By sharing data, trends, and analytics we are creating an invaluable source of information that helps us contribute to a more holistic world culture. Read more

Featured Posts

The Art of Inspiring and Educating Audiences

Carol Donahoe is the Program Director at Omega and a Board member of HCN. A natural storyteller, Carol has a passion for creating programs that transform people’s lives and has witnessed the positive impact these programs can have on individuals and society.

She works with many of the foremost experts in the field of holistic health and wellness, including Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, Dr. Brian Weiss, and Dr. Brené Brown. Enjoy Carol’s inspiring keynote talk offered during the first Holistic Wellness International Forum in Beijing, China in November 2018.

35 Years of Open Center History

Slowly and steadily, the New York Open Center and the many other institutions worldwide with similar commitments, has worked to bring a new and sustainable worldview into focus, one that places the emphasis on holistic, ecological and spiritual values rather than the outdated obsession with endless consumerism.

We remain devoted to a green, just and multicultural world in which individuals can awaken to their true natures and foster love and freedom throughout the planet. Celebrating 35 years, the ideals with which the Open Center began remain as relevant as ever!

The Power of a Moment

As a predominately white organization, OAEC navigates the waters of how to be in ally-ship with people of color in the social movement world. We realized after years of focus on our external work, we needed to do some inner work as a Collective to meet the needs of those we were welcoming into our spaces.

We held conversations about how we noticed patterns within ourselves and/or in society that perpetuate the dominant culture that oppresses others. We discovered we were able to begin the change towards our own individual liberation and thus our collective liberation.

How to Embody Holistic Leadership

Holistic leadership involves a variety of ideas and practices, such as management by objectives, that can contribute to the productivity and overall well-being of staff. Although many of its principles run counter to modern intuitions about success in business, taking time to slow down and think more carefully can actually have a significant impact on our skills as a leader.

Wisdom 2.0 – the meeting of mindfulness and technology – is a great example of blending these skill sets. Blending holistic skills with best business practices, while staying true to our values, can help us thrive in impactful ways.

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