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Reimagining The Future

The roadmap is emerging from this year of extreme change... HCN will continue to do what it does best: connect, collaborate and build community for our network— all the while sharing our light of holistic learning to make a better world.

Jenyng Wu, HCN’s Board President

Virtual Gathering 2021

Join the network of wisdom and experience, sharing insights and innovations in an open and creative way. Connect through shared values and intentions, exploring soulful solutions in uncertain times.

Christine Lines, HCN’s Founding Director

Virtual Gathering 2021

In the Spirit of Collaboration

For over 35 years HCN has been dedicated to serving holistic education and retreat centers around the world. These centers focus on all aspects of conscious and sustainable living, with the intention to transform our direct experience through a deepening connection with ourselves, each other, nature and the spirit of life.

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Sharing the Path for Couples at Home (Online)

Enjoy this special ‘first-time’ virtual program being offered by Robert Gass and Judith Ansara. They are beloved long-time teachers at Hollyhock and are also well-known/loved by other legacy centres in our network. Join a profound journey for a lifetime of loving. The magic and aliveness of our loving connection is too often lost in deadening habits, competing priorities and the pressures of daily life. Rekindle and profoundly deepen your love and partnership by learning the attitudes and skills of conscious partnership. This last year has stretched many couples. Here is an easy way to give your partnership the nourishment it deserves. Robert and Judith offer a special promo code for our HCN members to enjoy 25% off.

Collective Healing from Trauma and Fire

We invite you to join the conversation with Thomas Hübl, contemporary mystic and collective trauma expert, on Thursday, 3 June. The call is for the whole Findhorn Foundation Community, local and global, along with centers in the Holistic Centers Network and Retreat Center Collaborative, and other communities through the Global Ecovillage Network and Foundation for Intentional Communities who bring their solidarity and witnessing capacity. In compassion for all communities impacted by fire, join us in a practice of Global Social Witnessing as we mindfully attend to the recent fires in the Findhorn community with an embodied awareness, and explore possibilities for integration and learning.

Update from Breitenbush Hot Springs after the Fire

I know I will never again see Breitenbush as I have witnessed it since I came on land more than 43 years ago. But I also know that the duration of my limited lifespan is almost inconsequentially small when compared to the life cycles of the forest ecosystem. I know that beyond my lifetime the trees will grow again and other life forms will proliferate. The efforts we make now will assist that natural process of regeneration. And BHS will once again be a forested paradise. No question about it. And, ironically, it may be visited by consuming fire yet again. We’re all just passing through. So my job, and our job, is to get the best information, best practices and engage those fully now, knowing that the future will do its own thing.

Reflections from the Virtual Gathering 2021

For over 35 years the annual Gathering has taken place and in 2021 we met for the second time in the virtual space, focusing on the theme of Emerging Resilience. Nearly 250 registrants represented 50 different organisations and we celebrate online tech making it easier for center staff to engage in various sessions. We share some of the reflections and the powerful threads weaving through the conversations as we step into the next phase of being catalysts for change. The replays help us deepen into the wisdom and support inherent in the network. One of the recurring themes is clearly ‘we need each other more than ever’ and the more we lean into that the more possibilities open up.