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For over 35 years HCN has been dedicated to serving holistic education and retreat centers around the world. These centers focus on all aspects of conscious and sustainable living, with the intention to transform our direct experience through a deepening connection with ourselves, each other, nature and the spirit of life.

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Our Collective Amygdalae

Hollyhock CEO Peter Wrinch gave this speech at the 2022 Founders + Friends Soiree. Our Collective Amygdalae The human amygdala is a collection of cells the size of an almond, tucked behind our eyes beside the hippocampus. We actually have two amygdalae, one on each side of our brain. Our amygdalae are part of our […]

Post 2022 Kripalu Gathering Update

After more than two years of being physically distant from one another,we finally came together for a magical, empowering, bonding in-person experience at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge Massachusetts. We were a small but mighty group with representatives from Breitenbush, Hollyhock, Esalen, Open Center, Omega, Guest House Retreat Center, Clear Sky Retreat […]

Amplify Voices of the Global Majority at Kripalu

Amplify Voices of the Global Majority is a free online series starting February 10th on Thursdays through April 7th.  What is Amplify Voices of the Global Majority?  Centering Indigenous Wisdom, Community Care and Collective Liberation, we have joined forces with changemakers around the globe who work to dismantle inequity and harm, steward the planet, prioritize collective wellness, and stress interdependent liberation. Our incredible line-up […]