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Experience the Mycelium Network in Action…

Fantastic Fungi is all about our interconnectedness and the common issues that we face as a species. We know that our biggest defense from these viruses is our own sense of wellbeing, our own immunity and the ability to live from a place of health and wellness both individually and collectively. Watch the Fantastic Fungi from home on March 26th as we enter into an even vaster understanding of just how interdependent we are.

Celebrating a Modern Mystic

Co-founder of the Findhorn Foundation, Dorothy Maclean celebrated her 100th birthday with the entire community in January. She has now passed into the light. We celebrate that she lived to share this milestone with us, and for all the love and wisdom that she brought into our world. Personally I’ll always remember her bright blue eyes, shining with an inner knowing; a deep connection with the divine.

Join Yogananda’s Vitalizing Diet

Ananda Assisi in Italy are living the experience of the corona virus with high and positive energy and “as a really good opportunity to practice what we know!” Yogananda gave a wealth of teachings on how to keep the body strong and healthy. One of the gems is his Nine-Day Cleansing and Vitalising Diet. It’s always much easier to follow as a group and it’s about time we did it again. You’re very welcome to join us…

The Inner Workings of Economics: Mapping Possibilities

Breitenbush Hot Springs in Oregon is organized as a worker-owned co-op. How that translates in the world of direct experience for those of us who live here can be wild and vivid! But inner experience can often be influenced by outer forces. The following story reveals a contemporary view of business life at these springs, amidst community life, in the new roaring ‘20s.

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