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Featured Posts

Loving your Life, Now!

The Haven have engaged hundreds of their community on-line, some haven’t visited for many years and others are new to The Haven’s teachings. The intention has been to provide valuable learning and discussion with existing participants and anyone who was curious about The Haven. We look forward to what may emerge as a result of engaging our community in this way. It means a lot to us knowing that other centres within HCN are exploring new formats for learning too.

Listening to the Earth

Listening to the Earth (L2E) is calling upon everyone to listen and reconnect with Nature. It is also a call to action; to meditate and pray for people in the room for the current climate change negotiations. These are taking place during the 25th United Nations Climate Change conference in Madrid, Spain now through December 13. L2E is hosting live stream meditations every morning, just before negotiations open.

Cultivating Authentic Relationships with Donors

After hosting a recent HCN webinar, fundraising professional Brett Cobb was asked about practices to keep donors informed and interested once they have made a contribution. This is the first in our fundraising articles for holistic centers, to help steward authentic and rewarding relationships. The practical steps outlined here are particularly vital.

What’s the Transformation Today?

Spirituality, the environment and social justice are all intimately connected to transformational education within place based holistic centers and ecovillages. There is something emerging, weaving together that can be challenging to describe succinctly. A new trailer from Bioneers Co-Founder Kenny Ausubel is an excellent effort. In his words, “What’s the transformation today?”

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