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Featured Posts

Is Money Important?

I wonder what comes up for you when asked that question? Maybe you respond, “Of course, our non-profit is still a business!” Or maybe instead, “Spiritual values are important. I don’t like to think about money.” Imagine for a moment that an entire range of opinions are running through your team, all unspoken, and playing out in your organisation in a myriad of ways. How does this impact our ability to serve the transformation of consciousness?

Holistic Approach to Healing in Sri Lanka

Our dear friend Charika sends blessings of good health to the many networks across the globe helping to heal the suffering in the world. She shares an update as to how Sahana Mithuro – Befrienders of Relief Program has unfolded in Sri Lanka during the past six months. They will be utilising the HCN donation as well as the other donations received for the Program once they have finalised the best way forward.

How do we become more Human?

“There’s an inherent power and value in holistic centers becoming aware of each other. Supporting each other and meeting in an openhearted spirit, aware that we’re part of a greater whole,” says co-founder of the annual Centers Gathering Ralph White. “We’re all in some way contributing to the evolution of consciousness.” These centers are places that can explore and live out the question – how do we become more human?

The Art of Inner Leadership

Holistic Centers are incredible training grounds for the inner skills of leadership. In our February webinar explore the core purpose, principles and practices that the Findhorn Foundation and Community was founded on in 1962 and that remain at the heart of community life today. Join us in discussing how these principles cultivate a set of skills applicable to initiating, navigating and sustaining any collective endeavor.

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