Connect with peers and share heartfelt wisdom as we meet the needs of these times.

Stand for holistic education being a crucial part of the solution to the current crises.

Together, we emerge in a more compassionate and just world.


Connect with your peers in other centers, both pioneering and new. Discuss online programming, leadership, culture, social change and more,  helping us all have a greater impact in the world. Read more


Join the 2021 Virtual Gathering and enjoy a unique opportunity to connect with peers sharing openly in the spirit of collaboration, as we co-create and innovate for greater collective impact. Read more


Membership ignites creative opportunities to deepen the learning through interactive webinars and community calls on a range of relevant themes, knowing that together we are stronger. Read more

Reimagining The Future

The roadmap is emerging from this year of extreme change... HCN will continue to do what it does best: connect, collaborate and build community for our network— all the while sharing our light of holistic learning to make a better world.

Jenyng Wu, HCN’s new Board President

Virtual Gathering 2020

Join the network of wisdom and experience, sharing insights and innovations in an open and creative way. Connect through shared values and intentions, exploring soulful solutions in uncertain times.

Christine Lines, HCN’s Executive Director

Centers Gathering 2018

In the Spirit of Collaboration

For over 35 years HCN has been dedicated to serving holistic education centers around the world. These centers focus on all aspects of conscious and sustainable living, with the intention to transform our direct experience through a deepening connection with ourselves, each other, nature and the spirit of life.

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Announcing the 2021 Virtual Gathering: The Long Game

The dates are set for our annual gathering and once again we’ll be meeting in the Virtual Space. Save the dates 3 – 6 May and know that heartfelt connection, soulful nourishment and thought provoking inspiration will fill the space. Embrace the opportunity for your entire staff and support community to participate in live sessions. We’re excited to share the unfolding schedule with you in the coming weeks. Get ready to book your place!

Co-creating a Care First World

Following on from our recent webinar focused on Pricing Analysis of Holistic Programs, we deepen into the importance of meaning and money, mission and margin, vital for centers to thrive in their role and relevance in the world. Join us as we explore the shift from a Money First to a Care First attitude and its application across sectors to co-create positive change in the world. In Care First, money serves the well-being of people and the planet and is a unifying force.

Pricing Analysis of Holistic Programs

Keeping a center going during these uncertain times often means fundamental operational changes, from what services we are able to offer, to how much they should cost. In this webinar hosted by the Esalen Institute, deepen your understanding of your center’s financial viability, discover tools to use, and explore the sustainability of your current business model. Apply knowledge from the hospitality sector that can enhance your revenue management.

A Pilot Initiative for the Lunar New Year

Chinese New Year is commonly known in East Asian cultures as the Spring Festival, marking the end of winter and the beginning of spring in the lunisolar calendar. It’s only appropriate then that the Holistic Centers Network, an organization representing a network of international centers, will be piloting an initiative, “Act Local, Think Global” to celebrate the tradition of community, wellness, and hope.