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Stand for holistic education being a crucial part of the solution to the current crises.

Together, we emerge in a more compassionate and just world.


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Reimagining The Future

The roadmap is emerging from this year of extreme change... HCN will continue to do what it does best: connect, collaborate and build community for our network— all the while sharing our light of holistic learning to make a better world.

Jenyng Wu, HCN’s Board President

Virtual Gathering 2021

Join the network of wisdom and experience, sharing insights and innovations in an open and creative way. Connect through shared values and intentions, exploring soulful solutions in uncertain times.

In the Spirit of Collaboration

For over 35 years HCN has been dedicated to serving holistic education and retreat centers around the world. These centers focus on all aspects of conscious and sustainable living, with the intention to transform our direct experience through a deepening connection with ourselves, each other, nature and the spirit of life.

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Shamanic Intensive Healing and Training Retreats in Boliva

The Sacha Runa team participated in the 2021 Virtual Gathering and now extend a warm welcome for you to join them in Bolivia. Experience the magic of two incredible locations in the Andes and Amazon, two incredible Sacred Medicines which complement each other wonderfully (Ayahuasca and San Pedro). Their male and female Shamans work together in peace, harmony, integrity and sacredness to help you reach your potential and manifest your destiny. The intention of the retreat is to connect to source, receive vision and wisdom, and bless all of creation, to purify and liberate, and give thanks, as well as to send and receive blessings for all sentient beings. Become aligned to your divine purpose, incarnate the new time and serve the well-being of all that is.

Community Call: Navigating Transition

As members of HCN, many of you have read news of a new direction for us all within HCN. The full message from the Board circulated 16 July is posted below. You’re welcome to join the community call today as we navigate the transition.

Over the last year I’ve been studying for an Inner MBA and it was a gift last week when the module focused on ‘How are you dealing with change?’ The framework offered will be woven into the call including the three basic ways human beings meet change and the journey along the transition curve. We’ve all experienced so much change in the last year or more and it can be helpful to consider the different stages of transition; endings, the neutral zone and new beginnings.

Retreat Finder is seeking a new Visionary Steward

After almost 19 years the owner of is seeking to hand the well known site to a new visionary steward. If you are looking to express your passion for retreats and are looking for a new role, this is an exciting opportunity full of potential.

Retreat Finder is a directory of retreats that spans the spectrum of spiritual and healing traditions. It’s intention can be summarized by the site’s slogan, ‘When you find inner peace, you move the world towards peace.’ While the current business model is an online directory with income from upgraded listings, display ads, and newsletter articles that utilizes minimal expenses, what the brand and site can become are only limited only by your imagination.