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For over 35 years HCN has been dedicated to serving holistic education centers all around the world. These centers focus on all aspects of sustainable living, with the intention to transform our direct experience through a deepening connection with ourselves, each other, nature and the spirit of life.

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Awaken Spiritual and Material Abundance

Damanhur is a Federation of Spiritual Communities, nestled in the alpine foothills in the north of Italy. It was founded in 1975 to create a fertile reality based on solidarity, sharing, love and respect for the environment. On September 20th, Damanhur will activate the Labyrinth in the Temples of Humankind in preparation of the Autumn Equinox. This sacred ceremony will support PEJDA ’spiritual and financial abundance’ for the world and you are welcome to participate.

Transitions – Part I

Hello and greetings, this is Peter Moore, founding president of the Holistic Centers Network (HCN). I write from Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat & Conference Center in Oregon, where I serve as Business Director of this particular holistic center. Breitenbush typically serves some 30,000 guests each year and is a place I have been involved with since 1978. I write to share the exciting news of my successor, Jenyng Wu, as President of HCN.

Origins, Essence and Evolution

For over 57 years the Findhorn Foundation has been holding programmes and events at Findhorn in the far north of Scotland. Between 23-27 July, and inspired by the HCN Virtual Gathering, the FF will be hosting their first global online event – enabling more people to engage with the essence and beauty of the center than before. The offering relates to the question posed by Michael Lindfield, “Can we apply the founding principles and still have them work?”

The peace-making potential of Sri Lanka’s Sarvodaya

At a time when the world is seeking ways to address deep-seated inequities, a new video featuring Dr. A. T. Ariyaratne shines a light towards a better humanity. Called the Gandhi of Sri Lanka, the video showcases Dr. Ari’s inspiring journey to create a sustainable peace in Sri Lanka. For over 60 years, his organization, Sarvodaya has empowered millions of people to build a long-lasting social, economic and environmental movement.

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