Draw upon the wealth of experience that
exists within the Holistic Centers Network

The complexity of challenges emerging in the world today call for us to co-create a consciousness that is broad and deep enough to solve those problems.

Holistic Centers and their leadership play an important role,
exploring and laying foundations for the future.

The Consultants profiled here are a sample of those available
via the HCN Consultancy Service.

Choose from coaching, consulting or mentoring, single sessions or a series.
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The service is available to HCN members, with set fees between
Consultant and Client and a 10% referral fee to HCN.

All recommended Consultants offered through HCN
have had their insurance verified.

A free 20 minute initial consult is available on request.

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Areas of Expertise


Strategic thought-leadership. PR. Website content and development.


Program and curriculum evaluation and development. Integral theory.

Human Resources

Recruitment, performance, working effectively as a team.

Policy Development

Creation and dissemination of policies and procedures.

Financial Management

Financial metrics and projections. Fundraising strategy.

Operational Leadership

Registration, reception, food services, housekeeping, maintenance, grounds etc.

Governance and Decision Making

Working with Boards (with a special interest in Policy Governance). Sociocracy.

Rachel Davey

Location: Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Areas of Expertise: Center operational leadership (registration, reception, food services, housekeeping, maintenance, grounds etc.), human resources, working effectively as a team, fundraising, creation and dissemination of policies and procedures, marketing and branding (including web site design), program and curriculum evaluation and development, financial management, working with boards…

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Jonathan Dover

Location: Worcestershire, England

Areas of Expertise: Education on the emergence of human consciousness, utilising leading research from Integral Theory and Spiral Dynamics. Personal coaching and organisational assessment using the same models. This includes psychometric organisational assessment in line with the influential work of Reinventing Organisations from Frederic Laloux.

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Each HCN Consultant offers the following

Relevant skills, experience and professional affiliations


Fostering a collaborative relationship with the client.

Formulating action plans to attain a client’s desired outcomes and create fulfilment


Regular connection with Executive Director of HCN and alignment with HCN Vision.

Commitment to support this service eg. via the blog, webinars, interviews and podcasts.

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