A Peek Behind the Scenes:
Discussions on Starting and Running a Holistic Center

For over 30 years, established centers worldwide have come together for the annual Centers Gathering.
In response to interest, a follow on program has been offered to support emerging centers. This is now developing into e-learning.

Learn from recognised leaders in holistic centers and draw upon their years of expertise

Connect with others who share a similar vision, enjoy support and camaraderie

Develop heart-centered relationships that help maintain the courage, vision and energy to carry out your mission

Explore the realities of running a holistic center and tap into wisdom that comes only from direct experience

Gain practical knowledge and forge the experimentation of new business models for the holistic centers of tomorrow

If you dream of starting a holistic center or are involved in an emerging center,
this e-learning offers invaluable support based on decades of hands on experience.

Rather than a step by step process on how to start a holistic center,
this is a sharing of wisdom and experience from representatives of established centers.

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Vision and Mission

Sharing of wisdom and life experience from the pioneers of legacy centers.

Programming and Society

Creativity, activism and consciousness. Bridging holistic and mainstream.

Share your projects

Gain valuable feedback and insights. Learn from one other.

Successes and Challenges

What are the biggest risks?
What worked well? What didn’t?

Sustainability and Spirituality

How to sustain these centers and ourselves along the way?

Each course includes five live webinars and a series of recorded podcasts.

Online questions and reflective practices support the learning journey.

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The course is limited to ten people and includes Q&A with faculty.

The content is responsive to your unique questions and projects.


Faculty Includes

Peter Moore came to Breitenbush in 1978 and has been closely involved for forty years. He provides mediation, facilitation and leadership to the community.

Business Director, Breitenbush Hot Springs

Carol Donahoe has worked in the retreat center business for over 20 years, originally as a consultant, for three years as the Director of a Women’s Spirituality Center, and for the past 11 years at the Omega Institute. Her passion is creating programs that have the ability to transform people’s lives within holistic centers.

Program Director, Omega Insitute

Ralph White currently directs the Art of Dying and Esoteric Quest conferences. He is a world traveler, speaker, writer, and organizer of multiple events to do with consciousness, spirituality, ecology and social change over the last four decades.

Co-Founder, New York Open Center

Rachel Davey has worked for 25 years in a variety of educational contexts in Canada and internationally. From 2009-2017 she was Executive Director of The Haven, a centre for transformative learning on Gabriola Island, British Columbia.

Formerly Executive Director, The Haven

Five Signs HCN E-Learning
might be right for you

You want to learn about the early years of established centers
from the pioneers involved in all the joys and challenges.

You seek answers to the many questions involved in starting a center
and want to gain a firm understanding of the necessary aspects.

You want to connect with people passionate about creating conscious change in the world
and are open to potential partnerships for future work.

You want to manifest your purpose in the emerging consciousness;
discover your role and explore the possibilities of holistic centers as a vocation.

You’re exploring how you can deepen your involvement in the holistic movement
and nurture your evolution as a conscious being in our shifting world.

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