Compassionate Fundraising Skills for Greater Gifts and Grants:
Relational Resource-building Skills and Well-Being

Establish an effective and long-term fundraising culture

Create a more stable financial foundation within your center

Develop a resourceful and pragmatic fundraising team

Pursue fundraising prospects with clarity and confidence

Nurture your self-compassion and bring a connected presence to the work

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Financial Freedom for Holistic Centers:
Unwinding your organizational money tangles

Free the board and management team in your holistic center from blocks around money

Achieve the financial results your organization needs to thrive and fulfil it’s mission

Uncover unconscious beliefs around non-profit scarcity mindset and replace with new tools of awareness

Pursue fundraising leads without being led by emotional patterns and strengthen your cohesion as a team

Make decisions from a place of confidence rather than fear or conflict and progress important projects

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A Peek Behind the Scenes:
Discussions on Starting and Running a Holistic Center

Learn from recognised leaders in holistic centers and draw upon their years of expertise

Connect with others who share a similar vision, enjoy support and camaraderie

Develop heart-centered relationships that help maintain the courage, vision and energy to carry out your mission

Explore the realities of running a holistic center and tap into wisdom that comes only from direct experience

Gain practical knowledge and forge the experimentation of new business models for the holistic centers of tomorrow

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